January 2021

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There are 364 other dates to choose from. January 26 is more appropriate to the attitudes and values of colonial Australia than to those of a modern, more inclusive Australian society

LETTER: Why we should change the date of Australia Day

"These professional whingers should be eternally grateful it was not Vasco da Gama or a Dutchman instead..."

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Dog haters will need to get used to seeing more pet owners and their fur babies in cafes, shops and hotels around Queensland, writes Phil Brown.

It’s time we let dogs into cafes and shops

"It's fundamentally an issue concerning hygiene. We are incredibly privileged to live in a prosperous..."

December 2020

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A mystery Gympie man who signed off as “Santa” has paid off the entire lay-by balance owed by 70 Gympie families.

Mystery benefactor pays off Toyworld’s entire lay-by balance

"Here at Toyworld we are still totally gob smacked by this amazing act of generosity. ..."

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Gympie council’s latest annual report reveals the heritage train benefited from significant financial help last year and it still owes $1 million

Where council’s $900k gift to Rattler went last year

"All this is peanuts - the Rattler is a great tourist attraction and should be supported by Council..."

November 2020

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Former staffers reveal the bitter end to the new and ambitious Gympie enterprise.

Funky restaurant and bar closes, reports of thousands owing

"Alchemy - what is a 'flailing' business? Did they serve food as well?"

October 2020

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Plenty of readers voiced their opinions after the council this week killed plans for a park next to the Rattler in favour of one at the Gympie Showgrounds.

VOTE: Where is the best spot for an RV park in Gympie?

"Tozer Street is the obvious choice. This is a non-debate."

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Gympie’s state election candidates reveal whether they believe in climate change - or not - and what they would, if anything, to address it

Some candidates deny climate change, others dodge question

""Climate Change" caused by human activity is one of the biggest hoaxes ever! Sure, it may be..."

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping an eye on our little big family.’

Gympie mum ‘grateful’ five years on from brush with death

"I, too, suffered a ruptured aneurysm 14 years ago in my brain. I, too, am eternally grateful to..."

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POWER 40: The list is bigger and better than ever as we reveal the next seven who made the list of most influential of 2020. Full details here.

REVEALED: #31-37 of Gympie’s most influential of 2020

"In 1970, while employed by the DPI, we researched control methods to reduce the damage done to..."

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Gympie Chamber of Commerce unimpressed with Labor candidate’s failure to respond to repeated invitations to be part of region’s only election forum

‘Disappointing, verging on ignorance’

"I would say Tony Goodman was very restrained in his response. He is a tireless (unpaid) worker for the..."

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