May 2017

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COUNCILLORS yesterday were very vocal about how unhappy they were with The Chronicle about our reporting on their overseas trips.

We'll continue to be watchdog of Toowoomba council

"" anything concrete ". Those two words sum up the Councillors contempt to the Ratepayers. With '..."

April 2017

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TWO of the region's most experienced thoroughbred riders are facing uncertain futures after a harrowing fall at Clifford Park at the weekend.

Toowoomba jockeys may never ride again

"With two severe injuries in Toowoomba and the death of a rider at another track over the weekend (..."

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RESIDENTS upset at an alleged “gross violation of privacy” by Toowoomba council are petitioning for the removal of controversial surveillance camera technology.

Council in 'gross violation' of privacy: petition

"I strongly agree with the headline above. The Mayor and all Councillors must be accountable to all..."

March 2017

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I SUSPECT TSBE chiefs have had their phones buzzing after it was announced that the lobby group has engaged controversial politician Pauline Hanson

TSBE steps outside its economic brief with Hanson

"Another political move by TSBE that reflects on every household ratepayer in the Toowoomba..."

February 2017

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Cops nab drugs worth $147,247, recover property valued at $2200 and confiscate $15,430 marked as the proceeds of crime from Toowoomba region

Crime Stoppers calls lead to 196 arrests, 499 charges

"Well Viewer , I find this yarn to be no more than PR spin for Crime Stoppers. Last financial year saw..."

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ONE of Queensland’s most respected local government and tourism identities has thrown his support behind Australia’s newest airport.

Community leader named Wellcamp airport ambassador

"When it comes to tourism in this area. Frankly , what is offered is pathetic. There is no point..."

January 2017

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A TOOWOOMBA region councillor is tired of construction workers taking up valuable car spaces in the CBD and it seems residents share her frustration.

Motorists share frustration at tradie parking in CBD

"Can't Cr. Taylor walk a few K's on the flat ?. That said. I am surprised anyone from the Council would..."

December 2016

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NEXUS Infrastructure technical director Derek Leys and Nexus Delivery commercial manager Stewart Walls were the guest speakers at the final event for the year

TSBE say farewell to end of 2016 at Enterprise Evening

"Time this anti - Katter , anti - Labor enterprise , was sold off at market value. How much longer will..."

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CHANGES are about to be made to one of Toowoomba's most historic and treasured CBD buildings.

Treasured CBD building to undergo refurbishments

"I estimate that Ratepayers have poured over $50 Million into this empire cash cow since the corrugated..."

November 2016

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THERE’S a new bird in town.

Digital LED billboard lights up Toowoomba CBD

"" anti-progress " ? What others see as progress is not anti-progress . Just a different view to yours."

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