December 2019

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On the same day the Gympie region was offically declared drought stricken, the Bureau is predicting four days of possible storms and showers

4 days of welcome relief could start tomorrow

"Why is this fire on Frase Island not extinguished."

November 2018

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LOOKING for regular work is tough enough but when you have significant barriers in your life it makes the job searching process that much more difficult.

'I'll do anything': Is there a job for this former prisoner?

"After 20 years. HE could have got some skills in his preferred work. Not just art. "

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After uncertainty over his dingoes' future, Simon Stretton has good news.

'Our home is now safe': Durong's dingoes thrown a lifeline

"Set up a go fund me account. Sure there would ex plenty of people who would love to help. "

August 2018

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November 2017

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Illegal dumping and littering make a sad Mary Valley entry statement, but determined locals are working on fixing it

Volunteers save Valley from a disgraceful rubbishing

"Got anything to do with Dump Fees. "

April 2017

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We need you to act in the community's best interest and start to oppose at least some of the "untouchables” over-spending on non-profitable ventures

LETTER: Core projects and ratepayers are being neglected

"A bunch of glory hunters. "

January 2017

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BRISBANE woman Nardya Miller has sadly passed away, two weeks after being told she only had a week to live.

Dying organ donation advocate Nardya Miller passes away

"RIP beautiful lady. You will be a perfect angel in gods kingdom "

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"It is inconceivable that a human being could do that to a baby of that age."

Man gets nine years jail over death of four week old baby

"20 years and never to see the other one he has fathered . How does one explain to the living child that..."

December 2016

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Court says "tear it down” to end strange saga of a "bad sign

Court rules on agent's 'bad sign'

"Well said James. "

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