October 2020

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July 2020

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The dangerous scripts anti-maskers are using when they’re confronted by police are being shared online to encourage others to use them.

Anti-maskers’ script revealed

"Stupid people with way to much time in their hands ... lock them up for disturbing my peace of mind !!!"

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April 2020

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Those who have likened the Premier and her cronies to little Hitlers and called for our social isolation restrictions to be eased might have missed something.

Do as you’re told: This isn’t a police state

"What I’d like is our premier to take a stand & release the actual locations of the 2 new corona cases..."

January 2020

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July 2019

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June 2019

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Council's race to make Gympie generic, Home Brand and inoffensive

What is the Gympie council really saying about us?

"Personally my vote’s for NASHVILLE ... It works for me because of the image it implies and..."

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Councillor fights for safety fix to major Gympie road and Men's group expected to score a win as the council convenes monthly meeting.

'Substandard' road on Gympie Council's meeting agenda

"What about the Tandur, Tandur Traveston and Traveston Roads? Absolutely disgrace that this end of town..."

March 2019

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It was clear to inspectors that he had spent a considerable amount of time walking around in circles.

Border collie tied to pole for two years

"So over these “successful outcomes” ... what’s the bet the fine is never paid. It’s time to actually..."

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