January 2018

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AN alligator and a Burmese python were locked in a cold-blooded battle to the death as a crowd watched in shock at a golf course in Naples, Florida last week.

Alligator and python caught in deadly fight

"The alligator has the upper hand ..... was this an intentional pun? Why did the python have a crush..."

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YOU'LL never look at cutlery the same again. Also, sorry.

‘No other family has a poop knife?!’

"Must be a slow news week. "

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Some Terranora residents are worried about the potential impact to their land value.

Residents not happy with Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Plan

"This is obviously another land rights issue. With the unaccountable administraitors opting for native..."

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<strong>YOUR SAY: </strong> I AGREE with Barnaby Joyce that Australia Day is the day that the First Fleet arrived and Australia was therefore founded then.

As an immigrant I ask: Where's the joy for Australia Day?

"Jan 26 is the day it all started.... warts and all. Forcing a change will put the cause of..."

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Research shows that a microwave’s lifecycle has decreased, from around 10 to 15 years in the late Nineties to between six and eight years today.

Microwaves match carbon dioxide pollution of 7m cars

"Planned obsolescence is a crime."

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"IT'S quite incredible to see that this technology has already resulted in two people having their lives saved."

Dramatic footage of world-first drone surf rescue

"How long will it take for terrorists to drop something less helpful from a drone?"

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HAS anyone else been watching the Australian Open in a constant state of befuddlement?

SOAPBOX: Welcome to the sport of screeching and pink tees

"I stopped watching tennis because of the grunting and screaming. Tried turning the sound down but..."

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THREE teenagers have allegedly tortured and bashed a disabled 17-year-old girl after luring her to a park, pretending to be her boyfriend

Disabled girl was tortured and attacked by three teenage girls

"This is not bullying Rae. This is attempted murder almost on a par with the fate of James Bulger who..."

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PORN star Stormy Daniels has revealed the sordid details of her affair with Donald Trump while he was married to Melania, and says he compared her to his daughter Ivanka.

Donald Trump compared daughter Ivanka to porn star

"Is this credible or "fake news"? "

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THE euthanasia advocate is coming to Lismore next month. But did you know he has a PhD in laser physics?

10 things you didn't know about 'Dr Death'

"This man is to be admired for his dogged support of the rights of the terminally ill to die with..."

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