March 2013

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SPEED cameras on the Sunshine Coast have recorded more than 12,000 offences in the latest 11-month reporting period.

Speed camera blitz

"It should be compulsive that any kid getting a license has to do a defensive driving course for 100..."

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THE Queensland Government will spend “whatever it takes” to help Gympie Regional Council carry out a formal flood-reduction study.

State backs flood probe for Gympie

"Flood gates at the underpass near the pool with a pump, a concrete barrier up the centre of the highway..."

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A RAISED Borumba Dam could have saved Gympie businesses, farms and households from flood disaster, it was claimed yesterday.

'The dam they should build'...

"Look at the lay of the land in Gympie, the highway is a levy wall already but the problem is that the..."

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