October 2017

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Community to come together on their knees

Pray for rain: Gympie community needs you

"I thought it was going to be Wednesday"

September 2017

March 2017

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The vibe yesterday among the inner city businesses that are among the first to get inundated in a river flood was quiet confidence that would be no flood

We asked and the sky delivered

"The ministers prayed to God in the park 2 weeks ago . Let's thank God for the rain please. We were..."

January 2017

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Make long weekend of it and run the gauntlet at the beach

Join a great tradition and call in sick

"This is really hard on the honest worker's that have to pick up the slack. I hope none of my workmates..."

July 2012

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GYMPIE is set to become a mining aviation hub, with a new charter airline aimed at linking the region's economy to the lucrative fly-in, fly-out mining sector.

Aviation boost from mines

"Our son, his cousin and his girlfriend are all going to Blackwater each week to work and may be..."

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