April 2020

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GYMPIE District Court has heard of a trapped teenager’s “terror” during an armed home invasion by two men who “meant no harm.”

Gympie court: Trapped boy’s home invasion ‘terror’

"Disappointed with both sentences and inability to attend the court due to the coronavirus restrictions..."

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GROWERS have been advised to apply extra caution to their crops, after an exotic pest was detected in Bundaberg.

Army found on Bundy farms

"I have these in my back yard here in Gympie, just took a few photos "

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Move over toilet paper and pasta – there are two new hot-ticket items Aussie shoppers are scrambling to strip from supermarket shelves.

Surprising new items Aussies are hoarding

"Is it being bought by the Chinese teams who were buying formula and shipped to China..? "

March 2020

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Gympie anti-bullying page warns creators and followers to close social media account.

Vile high school fight videos surface

"I am looking at the people walking past in the background and ignoring the situation, WHY didn't they..."

February 2019

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Aboriginal land rights activists claim Bruce Highway by-pass will wreck sacred site

Stop the highway campaign to save 'Gympie Pyramid'

"Can you provide some details on who and when on the visitors and what you question regarding the elders..."

September 2018

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Letter: Holier than thou toned comments penned by Ian Petersen can no longer go unchallenged.

So-called 'golden era' of Gympie council wasn't so golden

"I completely support this council and the opportunities we are given to offer our opinions and answers..."

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