March 2019

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Work on the bridge started last month and is set to continue until November 29.

UPGRADE: Work begins on bridge with man entombed inside

"Hell yes!! We spent our childhood camping and swimming at the river. Some nights you could hear the..."

February 2019

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Woolworths to transition out of $1 per litre fresh milk in support of a more sustainable Australian dairy industry

Wonderful news for Gympie region dairy farmers today

"So this is a gift from the people to the farmers. We'll give 10c to Woolworths and they'll give it to..."

October 2017

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LOVE it or hate it, daylight saving time is here again. But whose big idea was it to change the clocks anyway?

Daylight saving: why do we and don't we do it?

"Only a fool would believe that by cutting a foot off the top of a blanket and sewing it onto the bottom..."

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