August 2019

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Gympie MP says regions face increased uncertainty

Proposed reef laws a 'threat to farmers and regional jobs'

"Fully agree, Qld labour was bleeding obvious in its actions in regards Adani mine. Frankly, ..."

June 2019

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OPINION: Whistleblowers and the journalists who work with them are entitled to protection, not prosecution

Journalism is no crime - here is how to help change law

"Hmm, I am a bit divided here. I am ex military... Some things need to be kept secret. Then..."

January 2018

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Gympie residents to have council help with their back yard clean-up

Council help for stormy time - free green waste disposal

"Very kind about free service for green waste. Personally,.. I am a bit disgusted with having Tip..."

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Hundreds of hours of volunteer work was wiped away overnight after the heritage trains workshop was broken into.

'Degenerate lowlifes': vandals destroy Rattler restoration

"Bored kids having a giggle. well, no doubt that will be lawyers excuse. Frankly, it time..."

June 2016

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THE ballot paper positions for federal election candidates in Sunshine Coast electorates has been decided.

REVEALED: Federal election ballot paper positions

"Hey, I was a bit fed up before but our LNP deciding us smokers will fix the budget was final straw. ..."

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THE RACQ has called for roads and motorists to be protected when the Queensland Budget 2016-17 is handed down next week.

‘Protect our motorists’ demands RACQ

"Many many years ago us taxpayers were told by Pollies that our fuel tax (Excise) would be only spent on..."

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CONTROVERSIAL politician Pauline Hanson says many women make “frivolous” abuse claims over simple things – like criticism of their clothes.

Pauline Hanson claims women make frivolous DV complaints

"Just my 2 cents worth... We have women getting bashed but they don't pursue criminal charges. ..."

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PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull was greeted by a lone protester tonight as he went for a beer at Sandstone Point Hotel, on Bribie Island, north of Brisbane.

Malcolm Turnbull sinks schooner, knocks back questions

"One question I would like to ask to PM. To fix your budget you decided to tax smokers 90%. ..."

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EDUCATION has been confirmed as a key issue for young Australians as record numbers prepare to vote.

All parties urged to treat young people seriously

"Bloody oath, Education is a priority. But also, at present we have a the "Snowflake..."

May 2016

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For the first time in the election campaign the heads of the major parties are set to clash. Get the rundown, live here.

All the fireworks from the national debate

"Sigh, Its depressing how easy people have no problem in giving the boot into some folks. ..."

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