Note: This poll ended on 13th December 2018.

Who is your favourite Fraser Coast bachelor?

Kieron is 23-years-old and recently moved to Eli Waters.He is the AFL Queensland Development Coordinator for the Fraser Coast and is looking to meet new people. Kieron has recently returned to Hervey Bay after spending the past three years working for the AFL in Brisbane.He was nominated by his sister-in-law Maddy who says he loves his job working with kids, traveling to exotic places and keeping fit. He likes to spend his spare time traveling, exercising and playing with his dog.He is looking for someone honest, trustworthy and is ready for a committed relationship.Kieron says he is funny, outgoing and honest.His ideal date is enjoying a relaxed meal out together.


Trent is a 33-year-old Maryborough man who says his best qualities are that he is nice to nearly everyone.He enjoys spending his weekends in his 4WD, camping and fishing.He isn't sure about his ideal date so he is happy for it to be the lady's choice.


Rhys is 26 and jokes his ideal match "must have a pulse" and there's "bonus points if you don't mind a guy who spontaneously decides to enter triathlons and ocean swims last minute at 2am in the morning".He says his best qualities include the ability to hold a fully-grown tiger shark above his head and hold his breath for ten minutes. He enjoys a dare telling the Chronicle: "To settle a $20 wager, I once ate 500 grams of Mortein rat poison and then ran a kilometre in the nude."He also has a unique sense of humour and wild imagination - prospective partners will need to enjoy/put up with this kind of banter...."I cannot feel pain and I can see for three kilometres without the aid of a lens. A general practitioner and two priests have written and signed a document confirming I have no soul. I can also cook a damn fine chili con carne."When I am not busy settling wagers or training for triathlons last minute, you'll find me at the local park day drinking and eating cheese while lecturing passers-by why the ending of How I Met Your Mother was possibly the worst series ending in television history."Asked how long he's been single for Rhys said "About 98 moon phase cycles around Earth. Maybe 99 cycles, I've lost count to be honest".


Daniel lives at River Heads and enjoys boating, fishing and anything car related.He is 27-years-old and is looking for someone kind, caring and easy going. Daniels said his ideal girlfriend must have a good sense of humour and be open minded.He has been single for two years and his perfect date would be dinner on the beach watching the sunset.


Chris is a 24-year-old looking for a girl to treat him right. He is from Hervey Bay and says he is always up for a good time. He likes to play footy and hangout with his friends. His ideal date is dinner and drinks.


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