Note: This poll ended on 22nd September 2020.

VOTE: Which is Gympie's cutest dog from these 10 finalists?

Tiarna Hampton: "Daisy Karen Horbal 7 weeks old!"


Kim Edwards: "Meet Cooper, 8 weeks old, just adorable with a loving nature."


Mel Margison: "Skipper 12 loves to spend his days lounging around and barking at anything and everything"


Jemma King: "Cookie !! She is patient."


Stacey Weller: "This is Toby Charles & Arlo Baloney. Toby's an 11yr old Golden Retriever who is the worst guard dog ever...Arlo's a 3yr old Border Collie, the 2nd worst guard dog ever and a mad-keen chook counter."


Loree Preston: "Teddy he is nearly 2 years old. He is by far my best mate and definitely makes my day better."


Lynlea Price: "Floki, 3 yrs old, every day he greats me with a present."


Rtl Bax: "Oscar is 4 years old. No matter what is going on in my day or how my mood is, Oscar is always excited to see me. Every time I see him it is like I just returned from a month-long vacation."


Lynlea Price: "Mitsy, 2 yrs old, my daughter's best friend - they are inseparable"


Donagh Archer: "Snoopy"


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