Gympie Regional Council has said there is no tolerance for dogs that bite.
Gympie Regional Council has said there is no tolerance for dogs that bite. Lee Gailer

Zero tolerance for dog attacks

A RAINBOW Beach woman was fined in Gympie Magistrate’s Court last Friday after her dog attacked two men.

Gympie Regional Council’s Compliance and Local Disaster Co-ordinator Ron Potter said the woman’s dog, a Staffy cross, was known to council for more than three years because of its aggressive nature.

Mr Potter said council didn’t take action earlier as previous complainants were unwilling to support council in seizing the dog or taking legal action against the woman.

But that changed recently when a man, who was bitten, decided to support court action and in doing so helped another man to come forward and make a complaint about the dog also biting him.

Mr Potter said after a week-long search, council staff had also found two dogs that killed chickens. The dogs are now being held at the pound.

He said a neighbour saw the dogs attacking the pet chickens and photographed them in the act.

Statistics from 2009 and 2008 show the overall number of dog attacks on animals and people are on a slow decrease.

Mr Potter said he wanted people to be responsible for their pets and take measures to make sure they didn’t or weren’t able to attack people or animals. He said people needed to remember to shut their gates and make sure they have a fence if they had a dog and that dog owners needed to teach their animals not to be aggressive, to socialise them and keep them friendly.

“If a dog bites we have zero tolerance,” he said.

“New laws which come into effect on December 12 will make it compulsory to have a dog microchipped and registered,” Mr Potter said.

He ter said council did not want to have to take matters to court but hoped the recent case would teach others dog owners to look after their pets.

“You’ve got to take responsibility,” he said.

Mr Potter said the Rainbow Beach woman’s dog was seized by council and euthanased. .

The dog’s owner, 43, was found guilty of two counts of her dog attacking a person and one of failing to have a proper enclosure in court on Friday.

She was fined $800 for both attacks, $400 for not having the proper enclosure, was made to pay council’s court costs of $400 and $73.80 for the court summons.

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