Zero tolerance for anti-socials

POLICE have come down heavily on rowdy drunken behaviour and charged a number of men for creating a public nuisance around Gympie’s licensed venues in recent months.

Nathan John Caulfield, 23, faced Gympie Magistrates Court this week after he was arrested outside the Royal Hotel on August 14. He said he had been at the hotel drinking when he got into an argument and “took it outside for a scrap in the street” the old fashioned way.

Police spotted a group of people on the corner of Monkland and Mary streets on August 14 and noticed Caulfield in the middle of it all, jumping around and waving his fists.

They checked out the commotion and heard Caulfield yelling “come on I’ll have ya” so he was arrested and charged.

“What’s your story?” Magistrate Maxine asked Caulfield, who said, “I’m a dickhead.”

Mrs Baldwin said it appeared by the look of Caulfield’s criminal history he had been getting into trouble when drunk.

“Only when I go out and have fun... We should have gone to the park or somewhere else (to fight),” Caulfield said and Mrs Baldwin disagreed, saying he should’ve let it go and walk away. Caulfield, of Musgrave Street, Gympie said he would “love to” do community service as punishment.

“I like trying new things,” he said enthusiastically and was ordered to complete 50 hours within one year.

In another matter, Steven Jeffery Williams, 22, faced court charged with creating a public nuisance on August 14.

Police said Williams left the Shaft nightclub and came across a disturbance between a man and a woman. Williams was alleged to have punched the man in the head several times before running off the taxi rank and trying to jump the queue.

He was located, arrested and charged but in court, Williams said he punched the man only once and he dropped to the ground “snoring”. “My missus was yelling at him and I just wanted to finish it,” he said.

“You could have been up on a manslaughter or murder charge. One punch can kill. Imagine if he had dropped the wrong way– as drunk people do – you would be spending 15 years in jail,” Mrs Baldwin said and placed Williams, of Rifle Range Road, Gympie, on a bond to be of good behaviour for six months.

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