Should childcare be made free?
Should childcare be made free?

YOUR SAY: Should childcare be made free?

Should taxpayers foot the bill for childcare?

This poll ended on 09 October 2020.

Current Results

Yes - It's getting harder and harder for working families to afford it.


No - there are much more pressing matters that the government needs to prioritise right now.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

A CONTENTIOUS debate over whether or not child care should be free saw mixed responses from Gympie Times readers, but the majority seem to be against the idea.

In the lead up to the release of the Federal Budget, columnist Louise Roberts wrote that she wanted to see one "where childcare is announced as fully deductible so the biggest chunk of everyone's tax goes towards parents".

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"We can't rely on immigration, on hold for the foreseeable future, to pump up our economy, keep our population growing, and keep our generational pyramid from becoming too top-heavy," the piece read.

"But we can rely on families - and working families in particular. But working families, too, will have to rely on the rest of us for support."

Here's what local voices had to say in response to the question of whether taxpayers should foot the bill for childcare:

Matt Burge: "Give the workers better work conditions before you do anything else and force childcare center owners to spend more on resources and not put it on to their workers to be as they put it "sustainable" and go out on their weekend off to find free resources for their rooms It's a crock of S*** what am I paying $100 a day for my child?"

Taylor Martland: "Hell no … should give payouts to the centres so they can up their resources and lower their rates. win win for all."

Debbie Murray: "Yes because the governments have made it near impossible for one income families to manage but having said that maybe us humans want too much."


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Kerriann Caterer: "The problem is that a lot of parents that are on the pension or dole get subsidies so they can look for work. But a lot of them use it so they don't have to look after their children."

Chris Walsham: "Hell No. With cost of living spiralling north out of control, families should not be forced into believing dual incomes solves the problem."

ElaineandJim Thomson: "It is about time people learnt to live within their means. If you can't afford to have your fancy house fully furnished go for something you can afford. Your parents never started with everything. They started with the basics and saved to get the rest."

Marlene Owen: "If people learned to walk before they run we'd be a better place, Sadly people (want) the new house the two new cars the boat the jet ski & eat out most nights and more & than expected free child care as well. Do as most of us did (raise) your own children and live within your means.

Fiona Cole: "Yes! How can working mums afford it? And these days to get ahead … both parents need to work. IMOATT"

Ash Petersen: "No. We are now $1 Trillion dollars in debt. $1,000,000,000,000.

Cut overseas aid. Every hand out is money borrowed."

When it came to reactions to the post, 18 people indicated they agreed with the idea to make childcare free, slightly more than the 14 who said they wouldn't.

Where do you come down in this argument? Let us know with your comments below or vote in the poll above.

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