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Young offender given one last chance for rehabilitation

A YOUNG man has been told to make the most of his time in a rehabilitation clinic after pleading guilty to a number of drug-related offences today.

The Gympie Magistrates Court heard how Timothy Wyeth, 25, had made a genuine attempt at getting clean despite difficulties giving up amphetamine use.

Despite positive early experiences, Wyeth's progress was still described as being in its "early days".

Wyeth was charged on two separate counts of possessing utensils or pipes for the use or production of dangerous drugs, as well as two separate charges of failure to properly dispose of needles or syringes.

Pleading guilty to all charges, Wyeth was given a three-month imprisonment sentence for both of the possession charges, and one month for both disposal charges.

All sentences were suspended for 12 months, as Magistrate M Baldwin noted Wyeth appeared to be making a genuine attempt at rehabilitation.

However, she warned him not to offend again.

"You're not just on thin ice, the ice is now cracking," she says.

"Make the most of your time there - because you'll find yourself back here unless you follow through."

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