You should have right to choose on fluoride

THE fluoride debate has heated up in Gympie after the council this week decided to keep it in our water.

The Gympie Times posted the decision on our Facebook site and it was inundated with comments.

Most of them opposed the decision saying it was mass medication and fluoride was a poison.

I for one don't care if there is or isn't fluoride in the water I drink, I drink it and it doesn't worry me.

But I do think other people should get a choice about drinking fluoridated water. To me the old system worked well.

People who wanted fluoride in their diet could go to the council and get free tablets.

Now if you don't want fluoride in your diet you have to buy bottled water.

Which ever way you look at it residents should have the right to choose what they put into their own bodies and how they look after their own health.

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