'You f***ing mongrel': meltdown over prison for food theft

The Gympie man was sentenced for stealing food from Coles Express in Gympie.
The Gympie man was sentenced for stealing food from Coles Express in Gympie. Craig Warhurst

A GYMPIE man swore, yelled and called a magistrate a "mongrel" this week as he was sentenced to prison for stealing food from a petrol station.

Beau Leslie Alistar Stuart, 27, appeared in Gympie Magistrates Court on Monday, representing himself from the prisoner's dock as he pleaded guilty to stealing.

The prosecutor told the court that on September 18 at 5.50pm, a Coles Express Gympie employee saw Stuart taking food from the shop without paying.

The stolen food included Kit Kats, hot chocolate, Doritos, Shapes and pies.

The theft was reported and CCTV footage given to police.

When officers caught up with Stuart, he initially told police he couldn't remember stealing any food, but later admitted the CCTV footage showed him stealing the food.

Stuart told the court he hadn't eaten for two days and had no money at the time of the offence.

"I stole some food because I was hungry," he said.

He said since that time he had secured a job and could now pay back the money for the food.

"I'm really angry that a little thing like this could trip up where I'm going," he said.

Magistrate G. Hillan said while the offence was relatively minor, Stuart's criminal history was against him.

"You have similar types of matters in the past," Mr Hillan said.

As he delivered the sentence - three months in prison - Stuart's composure melted.

"Are you serious, you f***ing mongrel," Stuart yelled.

Two police officers pulled Stuart from the courtroom after he attempted to let himself out of the prisoner's dock, and he could be heard shouting and swearing as he was led back to the watchouse.

Mr Hillan set Stuart's parole date for November 14.

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