WWII mustard gas dumped off Cape Moreton

MORE than 8000 tonnes of chemical weapons, mostly mustard gas, dumped off Moreton Island in 1945 after World War II pose little danger to the general public, according to the Department of Defence.

However the department says there has been no testing on the mustard gas shells, bombs, grenades and tear gas grenades that were dumped in deep water in two, five kilometre-wide dump zones on the ocean side of Cape Moreton.

And it remains unclear if any biological tests have ever been conducted in the nearby Cape Moreton Marine Park 70 years later.

Chemical weapons dumped include mustard gas, lewisite - an arsenic-based chemical weapon that also produces large blisters like mustard gas - adamsite and tear gas, as well as bombs, planes and munitions.

More than 5500 candles of adamsite, a chemical weapon that produces vomiting and was used in riot control, were dumped. In war, the candles were lit and the toxic smoke would drift towards the enemy.

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