Investigation into two-headed fish

A close up view of the two-headed fish embryo.
A close up view of the two-headed fish embryo. youtube/crimsonrosella

AS legal action continues to build over the Noosa River “two-headed fish” affair, the Queensland Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries has responded to calls for it to release the findings, originally due in April, of an expert committee investigation of the issue.

The latest blow-up follows claims that more fish have died at the Noosa River fish hatchery operated by Gwen Gilson, who has blamed her problems on the neighbouring macadamia farm, operated by farmer Troy Ziesemer.

She has launched legal action for compensation against the Ziesemer farm.

In return, Mr Ziesemer said he is suing a national current affairs television program over a report promoting Ms Gilson’s side of the dispute.

And the DPI and F says that is exactly why it cannot release its report.

“We’ve had to delay the public release of the report, because of the legal action between the two properties,” a departmental spokesperson said this week.

“We’re seeking Crown Law advice as to when we can properly release the findings,” she said.

The report follows months of water sampling and inspections by DPI officials.

Investigating committee member Matt Landos, a hatchery veterinarian, said more fish had now died at the hatchery.

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