An outside play area for children upstairs in the Dudley Denny Library.
An outside play area for children upstairs in the Dudley Denny Library. Shakira Sellen

Workplace investigation launched after fall at library

UPDATE Tuesday 1pm: Mackay Regional Council has made contact with the family of a 14-year-old boy who fell through a section of roof at The Dome on Monday.

Council CEO Craig Doyle has spoken with the boy's mother, and plans to continue to do so while investigations into the incident continue.

"The most important thing for us is that the young man is okay, that's our top priority right now and we'll continue to monitor that," Mr Doyle said.

The boy remains in a stable condition at Mackay Base Hospital.

Mackay Regional Council is working with Workplace Health and Safety to thoroughly investigate the details of the incident.

"We treat this very seriously; what we need to understand is what happened, and what the sequence of the events is that caused it," Mr Doyle said.

The boy fell through an original skylight near the playground section at the back area of the library through to the lower level of the building, sustaining leg and back injuries.

Mr Doyle said the building and the playground itself were safe.

"We're very confident it's okay, but we're going to get another set of eyes to have a look just to make sure," he said.

Some readers expressed their concern on Facebook and web about the safety standards of the library and skylight area.

Mathew Bing: "I visited the library this week for a look and saw the spot he fell through. Looking back I definitely had the thought that it looked dangerous with so many children around. Wish I had spoken up."

Maryann Doherty: "Sounds a bit shonky to me. Get rid of it before a child is killed."

MarilynK: "Well it's a bit b***dy late to isolate the area now isn't it? I hope the boy is okay...

The library remains open as normal; however, the council has decided to close the outdoor playground area until investigations are complete.

UPDATE: The Dudley Denny City Library is open to the public after a 14-year-old teen fell through an old skylight on Monday.

Mackay Regional Council said the area has been isolated.

MONDAY: A 14-year-old boy has survived a 4-5 metre fall through the roof of the playground area at the new library, The Dome.

A witness said they saw the boy "playing up in the old car park on the roof of the dome and fell through an old sun bleached skylight”.

She said it looked brittle, and that the boy "fell straight through and landed on the dome floor”.

And that "bits of the roof were laying around him”.

A Queensland Ambulance Service crew was called to the city centre building in Victoria St about 3.15pm.

A spokesman said an off-duty paramedic was one of the first on the scene, and said the child was conscious and alert.

He said he was taken by ambulance to Mackay Base Hospital with a lower back injury and a leg injury.

The witness, who works in The Dome precinct, said she saw the boy "laying on his back under the small dome skylight that's a few metres down from the library”.

"I always thought that dome was dangerous; just because it's so old and would obviously be brittle... I don't think I've seen it changed/maintained since I started going to the Dome 10+ years ago.

"So no wonder he fell through; I think the slightest pressure on it and it would've cracked. Really that roof area should be secured.

"There's a big ramp that goes off the roof (for cars to drive up and down when it was a car park). Obviously with the library there's lots of kids around and not a lot of skate parks so the kids are going to make their own fun.”

The boy is thought to be in the emergency department at the hospital.

Mackay Regional Council has confirmed it has launched an internal investigation into an incident in the playground section at the Dudley Denny City Library Monday afternoon.

CEO Craig Doyle said the incident area had been isolated.

"Our thoughts are with the teenage boy and we pray he is okay, and are in contact with the parents,” he said.

Mr Doyle said it appears the teenager fell through a small section at the very rear area of the outside playground after jumping on to it.

"Initial reports indicate the boy fell through a section and landed at the bottom of the complex.”

Mr Doyle said the exact details of what occurred and the incident are yet to be determined.

"It is obviously very disturbing incident and we have notified the authorities and are cooperating fully with Workplace, Health and Safety.”

*This story initially had the boy's age as 12 however the hospital records show the boy is in fact 14.

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