No service for Telstra customers

IF you paid for a service and didn’t receive it, would you want you money back?

Some of Telstra’s mobile phone and internet customers are beginning to ask that just.

A Jones Hill customer has not been able to make or receive calls on her mobile phone while at her home – something she said she could do prior to Tuesday night.

“I have pre-paid internet and I have a month to use it – and my mobile is on a plan,” the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, told The Gympie Times.

“I haven’t been able to use the internet for three days now.”

Telstra has since told the woman that they would give her one month’s free internet access.

A Pie Creek woman in a similar situation, said she could not use her internet on Tuesday night.

“I got through on Wednesday night and then it dropped out.

“I didn’t even try on Thursday,” she said.

A second Pie Creek woman said that while she “could not fault” the local Telstra staff, she thought the popular saying that Australian broadband is known as Australian fraudband, was “very apt.”

“I’ve had major problems since the Telstra system fell over in south-east Queensland in early June,” she said.

“It was to the point where I just got them to put in a land line on at my new place with ADSL because wireless was useless.

“I cannot get a signal.

“I phoned Telstra and their reply was ‘your records show you are still using it’ but it is unreliable. It might work for 15 minutes and then nothing.

“I had to take the modem on to the back patio to get a hint of a signal.”

Telstra Wide Bay area general manager Barbara Wells said this week’s problems were “not related” to the June system crash and that the Mt Boulder tower was “down” while work to increase its capacity was being carried out.

“We have to take the service down to work on it,” she said.

“These towers are very high and for safety reasons they have to be very careful and only climb the towers in daylight hours.

“I’ve asked how come there was a transmission problem on Tuesday and what today’s (Friday) problem was and asked for a full report. Next G is very reliable.

“We apologise to our customers.”

Gympie Times

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