Woolooga owner faces legal action for erosion solution

Woolooga's Barry Hawke is in a dispute with Gympie Regional Council over drainage behind his shops.
Woolooga's Barry Hawke is in a dispute with Gympie Regional Council over drainage behind his shops. Renee Albrecht

A WOOLOOGA business owner has been hit with legal action by the Gympie Regional Council over works he claims were necessary to solve erosion problems on his property.

Owner of a string of shops along the town's main street, Barry Hawke said he carried out the work in an effort to redirect water which would build up behind the buildings as a result of a council drainage pipe which crosses on to his land from where it runs beside the council hall.

He said there had been considerable land movement due to the existing water flow, which had forced him to replace numerous stumps and rehang doors on the buildings.

According to Mr Hawke, he had undertaken his own work to ensure the existing flow would meet up with the extension to the pipe council told him they would be making, which would bring the feature to where it should have originally been flowing through.

He said the work had been done to "save time and delays for the Gympie council engineering department", but as it was nearing completion he was informed by a representative the drainage feature on his property needed to be reverted to how it lay.

When he questioned them on how this would work in conjunction with council's proposal - as it would leave water running not into the extended pipe, but next to it - he said the response he received was baffling.

"He said you dig a trench down the side of the new pipe to let the water out."

Mr Hawke said this would be even more absurd as the extended pipe would turn back onto council-owned property.

"I can't go onto council land and dig it out.

"It's nearly 2m deep."

Reached for comment, the council said they were unable to comment on the topic due to current legal proceedings.

They added they were happy to confirm a range of tools, guidelines and forms as well as regulations and planning laws for all residents and developers on their website.

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