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Women ‘stress-heads’ prior to holiday

ONE in three women admit to becoming more of a 'stress-head' in the lead up to a holiday and 34 per cent want to join the 'mile-high club', according to new research from Australia's leading travel and lifestyle website.

The findings of an online survey of more than 6500 Australian women are revealed in the 2011 Female Travel and Lifestyle Report.

Covering everything from using Facebook when holidaying overseas, to how they fund their travel plans and which celebs they would most like to rendezvous with on a getaway, the report provides an insight into what makes the modern female traveller tick. 

Announcing the survey results, spokesperson Kirsty Harrison said: "With this year's Female Travel and Lifestyle Report our aim was to gather a stack of information on the role travel plays within the lives of Aussie women. Given that us chicks typically make the majority of spending and travel decisions, we believe what women think counts for a lot and we were quite surprised with a number of the findings."  

Some key snippets:

If money was no obstacle, nine in 10 women would choose to holiday overseas.

Relaxation is the number one reason most women travel, favoured by 87 per cent of respondents. Surprisingly, only four per cent admit that they travel to enhance their career, three per cent do it for the brag factor and two per cent are in it to find love. 

However, that's not to say the lure of love doesn't impact travel plans. For 21 per cent of single women (and interestingly, 43 per cent of men) the reputation of a destination for attracting other singles influences their holiday decisions.

For those hoping to boost their sex appeal, it's worth considering travel as a means to an end, with 70 per cent of single ladies finding a prospective partner more attractive if they're well travelled.

While it might be fair to assume the strong Australian dollar in 2011 would have heavily impacted travel plans, 44 per cent of women claim it hasn't influenced them at all.

However, 37 per cent of women admit they're going overseas because it's better value for money, 22 per cent are choosing destinations they haven't previously considered and 9% are exchanging US dollars now for future travel.

Also playing a part in influencing travel plans is 'star factor'. One in four Gen Y women admit that if a destination is frequented by celebrities, they are more likely to travel there.

"It might be wishful thinking, but given the chance, women would most like to holiday with Hugh Jackman, George Clooney and Bradley Cooper. That's a pretty impressive wish list," said Ms. Harrison.  

Mother Nature sure has shown us who is boss in 2011 and she's made a mark on travel plans.

40 per cent of women are now ensuring travel insurance is factored into their trips and 14 per cent won't book a hotel or holiday that doesn't include a cancellation policy (just in case).

While relaxation is high on the holiday agenda, that doesn't stop 54 per cent of women from checking or updating their Facebook or Twitter profiles when on holidays, compared to 38 per cent of men.

"It pays to think twice before accessing social media from your mobile phone. 31 per cent of women surveyed have suffered from 'bill shock' on their return home. That's not the return to reality most of us are looking for," said Ms. Harrison.

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