A violent run in with police and paramedics left Jamiee-Leigh Atkins in court. (Picture: Social Media
A violent run in with police and paramedics left Jamiee-Leigh Atkins in court. (Picture: Social Media

Woman puts head through cop car window, spits blood at cops

A 28-YEAR-old Yarraman woman has been released on probation after she threatened to jump under a truck, put her head through a police car window and spat blood at police and paramedics.

Jaimee-Leigh Atkins pleaded guilty to one count of obstructing police, one count of possessing dangerous drugs and one count of wilful damage of police property at Kingaroy Magistrates Court.

The court heard that on March 31 Queensland Ambulance received calls from Atkins who on the second call said she was going to jump in front of a truck.

Police and paramedics attended the scene on the corner of Upper Yarraman Maidenwell Road and the New England Highway where she told police to leave and paramedics to "f - k off".

Police prosecutor Senior Sergeant Pepe Gangemi said vehicles were driving close to the speed limit of 100km/hr.

"Police caught up with her, she was detained initially for breaching the peace as she walked off along the highway," Sen Sgt Gangemi said.

"She stayed abusive and agitated, it was suspected she may have been under the influence of a drug, she denied that.

"When she was told she was detained she said she would throw herself in front of a car, that she didn't give a f--k and that she was suicidal.

"She repeatedly pushed herself and a police officer towards the middle of the highway. Some force was needed to keep her off the highway and she was taken into the rear of the police vehicle.

"She started to headbutt the rear window of the police vehicle. She was told to stop, she continued with such force it caused the entire window to shatter.

"She had a large bruise on her forehead, was bleeding from her face, refused assistance from paramedics for over 30 minutes. She repeatedly spat blood and continued to abuse emergency services staff."

The court heard police searched her backpack and found four grams of cannabis.

Due to the nature of the incident police stated in the QP9 they suspected she was mentally unwell at the time of offending and as a result a mental health report was undertaken.

Atkins was represented by Jay Rose from Rosegold Legal in Kingaroy.

Ms Rose said she would be submitting for a period of probation.

"She actually has a diagnosis for borderline personality disorder, she was attempting to self-harm at the time of the offences," Ms Rose said."

"I do not submit her behaviour was appropriate at any stage or any point in time, particularly around a dangerous place like a highway involving emergency and police.

"It's her plea of guilty at an early opportunity, it's the first return date after the mental health report and she is agreeable to paying the restitution.

"She is willing to undertake more drug and alcohol counselling, she has a long term partner who also suffers from a mental health condition and they live together and care for a number of animals.

"Her father was a drug addict, her mother was also addicted to drugs, she spent a period of time in foster care till about the age of 5 or 6.

"The outcome of the mental health report was that it was a depressive episode complicated by substance abuse, which is consistent with some of the symptoms of her personality disorder.

"She can't recall much of the actual incidents that happened that day or the reasons why it occurred other than she was wanting to hurt herself. She expresses remorse in her plea."

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair noted Atkins had been apologetic towards police.

"You pleaded guilty to these offences in a timely manner after some investigation was undertaken with good reasons into why you were in the state you were in on this day," Magistrate Sinclair said

"Your partner confirmed the unusual actions that happened on the side of the road were going on earlier in the day at home and you were clearly a person that was not 100 per cent well at the time.

"The behaviour here towards the police officers was extremely unpleasant and dangerous towards them and to other motorists.

"You were on probation at the time, you weren't breached and have remained out of trouble since then so probation seems to have some effect, which will be beneficial in managing your conditions and helping you seize further offending."

Atkins was ordered to pay $825 in restitution to the commissioner of police for the broken window and was released on entering into a 12 month probation order.

Convictions were recorded on all charges.

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