Woman hiding drugs in genitals attacked in jail

THREE women who attacked and robbed a prisoner who had hidden drugs in her genitals to smuggle them into jail were sentenced yesterday to more prison time.

The victim was a new prisoner at Brisbane Women's Correctional Centre at Wacol and had Subutex - a drug used to treat heroin addiction - hidden in her vagina when a group of fellow inmates demanded she hand over the drugs.

In the first of two robberies in December 2013, the woman was pushed against the wall and threatened before she handed the drugs over.

Two days later when the three women and two others tried robbing her again, former Deception Bay resident Litisha Louise Tyley aggressively demanded the woman take off her clothes.

The woman complied and was then allegedly raped by two of the prisoners.

In the Brisbane District Court yesterday, 38-year-old Tyley and two other women - Kimberley Jade Davidson, 24, and Kassie Kay Kelly, 28 - pleaded guilty to their involvement in the robberies.

The court heard two other women had been charged over the rape incident.

The lawyers for the women in the dock yesterday asked the judge to consider a lesser sentence because their clients had all spent time in solitary confinement since the incident.

The court heard Tyley did not have a TV for about a year and spent only two hours a day out of her cell, and Kelly spent most of her days staring at the wall and counting how many times a bird flew past her window.

However, prosecutor Mark Whitbread argued a court should not have to consider whether a prisoner had spent time in isolation.

He also argued the penalty should be harsher than if the offences occurred outside jail in order to deter other prisoners from committing similar crimes.

Judge Brian Devereaux said the sentence had to deter other prisoners, but he recognised the women had been punished to a degree because of their time in isolation.

Davidson - who wishes to live with her father in Illuka, New South Wales, when released from jail - was sentenced to a year's jail, wholly suspended, for her involvement in the second attempted robbery.

Kelly, who was born in Wee Waa, NSW, was sentenced to three years in jail, suspended after serving eight months.

The court heard she threatened the woman during the robberies.

Tyley was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail, to be suspended after serving eight months for the sexual assault - ordering the victim to take off her clothes - and her involvement in the two robberies.


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