Get the Games of Thrones (GoT) look.
Get the Games of Thrones (GoT) look. Credit:

Winter’s coming to our Home of Thrones

NO show is hotter right now than the genre-defining Game of Thrones (GoT). The high-quality production values have amassed fans worldwide and royally inspired interior styles globally. While Jon Snow may be gone, winter is always coming in GoT, just as it is to our southern hemisphere. From the glamorous medieval chic of King's Landing, to the cosy furs of Winterfell, the crucial GoT winter interior ingredients include a rich and warming colour palette and gorgeous, tactile textures.

GoT decor musts

For fans looking to emulate the decor of GoT think (faux) fur, wool and leather. For instance, GoT's interiors feature dark and subdued colours, stone masonry and raw woodwork with rustic styled furniture. Furs aren't restricted to your floors, thrown across your sofa can add instant GoT glamour.

Animal highlights

Animal features are also a must in GoT interiors. Think wall-mounted animal trophies, with a wide range of faux trophies now available. To light your winter palace, candles create instant ambience with wall-mounted sconces also adding a palatial feel to your home.

The Iron Throne

While you probably wouldn't go so far as to install an iron throne in your home, a gorgeous, regal feature chair never goes astray in creating a palatial feel to your winter palace. A statement throne can make a great focal point for any room in your home, so choose a chair you love and style your space around that piece.

It's all in the details

From an extravagant chandelier to flickering candles, fringing on throws and embroidered embellishments on cushions or ancient map or globe; if you get the details right the rest will follow.

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