Will UberX spell the end of Australian culture?

THE Taxi industry, long known for allegations of racism and hilarious navigation skills, is at war.

UberX, the ride-sharing app that lets drivers take paying passengers is stealing fares through anti-competitive means like efficiency, lower prices and accountability.

Taxi Operation Support Services CEO Dwight Shoebrigade spoke to us about the threat of ride-sharing.

"We've been telling the government for years that UberX will bring job losses, gay marriage and Ebola to Australia," he said.

"We lost four drivers to UberX gunmen just yesterday.

"When will Bronwyn Bishop step in and stop this?"

Frisky Business asked 132 taxi drivers* how they felt about UberX:

  • 54% feared for their jobs
  • 32% were considering becoming an Uber driver
  • 20% made a racist comment about me
  • 10% went to the big banks because we used EFTPOS
  • 5% were just happy to be fighting the Germans again

Uber spokesperson Lotka Volterra laughed at Mr Shoebrigade's comments.

"Taxis are a bloated, wasteful system that lacks accountability, safety and those mints we offer passengers," she said.

"If the taxi industry were serious about passengers they'd allow them to rate their drivers like we do.

"Claims that we're spreading Ebola are hilarious and show the scare tactics their industry is using in place of a real business case.

"We're not so sure about the claims about gay marriage though.

"We'll get back to you on that."

Taxi operators who feel they have a case against Uber are advised to pray to St Slipper, the patron saint of Cabcharge.

*We did not in fact ask any taxi drivers

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