Domestic violence silhouette generic image - fist raised against woman./Violence
Domestic violence silhouette generic image - fist raised against woman./Violence

Wife ‘textbook domestic violence victim’ who has been conditioned

A RECIDIVIST domestic violence offender sobbed during his sentence for assaulting his wife, daughter and neighbour.

The man, 42, was sentenced in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on April 23 after he pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning bodily (AOBH) while armed, one common assault and one breach of a domestic violence order.

The charges were from two separate incidents.

Police prosecutor Jess King said the defendant had a seven page criminal history which had multiple entries for assaulting his wife and he'd been sentenced to prison for many.

She said it also included a previous AOBH for the same neighbour and he'd been sentenced in March 2019 where he struck the man in the arm with a bat.

The defendant was on parole for the March 2019 sentence when he carried out the second AOBH in December.

This time, the defendant threw a brick at his neighbour's head, which connected with the neighbour's arm thrown up in defence.

The common assault and breach of domestic violence charges were laid after the defendant got into an argument in front of their children while shopping.

The defendant headbutted his wife and punched his 11-year-old daughter in the ribs when she intervened.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke said the wife ended up with an eye so swollen she could not see out of it and it was painful.

"At the time of the attack on your wife, she was pregnant with your seventh child," he said.

"Your behaviour is disgusting.

"It's reprehensible."

Ms King said the wife was a textbook domestic violence victim who had been conditioned by the defendant.

"She is somewhat reliant on him," she said.

"She has sought to find excuses for his behaviour."

Defence solicitor Jack Blackburn said the defendant was in a bad car accident 20 years ago which resulted in the loss of an arm, and his best friend.

He said his client had worked occasionally since and had been dry (no alcohol) for months until the day of the incident with his wife where both were drinking due to ongoing stress.

Mr Blackburn said Child Safety had intervened and taken children out of the woman's care.

Mr Clarke ordered the defendant to an 18-month prison term, cumulative on the AOBH sentence from March 2019, and a two year prison term for the breach of domestic violence order.

Parole eligibility was set for September 23, 2020.

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