Widgee decision leaves many questions

EMPLOYMENT in regional areas is a major issue, which is why questions need to be asked about what's happening with Widgee Engineering.

Yes, it is clear there are two sides to this story and both must be heard. What is less clear is not only how we got here, but some of the decision making now that we are.

Widgee Engineering is a 25-year-old business whose owners have submitted a number of applications to the council regarding their work, so it is borderline unfathomable that at no point in the past has someone looked at the clearly growing business and gone "wait a minute”.

Did anybody ever visit the site? Not even for a photo op?

A visit might also have revealed neighbours' concerns over pollution levels on their property, and mitigated any issues much earlier.

It is also hard not to be bemused by some comments in Wednesday's council meeting over the application.

It was said more than once the company was only being asked to move, and had been given fair time to do so.

A common complaint levelled at the council is that they're happy to spend money as though it grows on trees.

The apparent attitude that the millions needed to move Widgee Engineering would be no small matter to the business makes it hard to argue that perception is wrong.

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