Why you should take your kids to see Shrek Jnr this weekend

IF YOU have not booked your tickets to see Shrek Jnr tonight or some time over the weekend, do it today.

Complaining about the lack of opportunity, arts and culture in the regions is a favourite pastime of people who live in the regions so it's important we support attempts like this to produce and present live theatre, and provide an opportunity for our young people to get involved.

The Gympie Zodiac Players should be applauded for conceiving the idea and then giving so generously of their time, effort and creativity, and director Peter Blyth thanked for his passion and single minded focus in making it the best show possible.

Everybody loves Shrek. It really is one of the greatest movie franchises ever, and children of all ages will be thrilled to see their favourite characters live on stage in their home town, almost close enough to reach out and touch.

How special also to experience the depth of talent, dedication and substance in so many of our young people. Sixty young people are involved in this production and have given up much great deal of their Christmas holidays, weekends and nights to bring Shrek to life here in Gympie. Ticket are available at the Musicians Garage in Mary St and cost $28 each. Inquiries phone 54837879.

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