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Grab a fancy cocktail at one of Brisbane's top rooftop bars, Eleven. Photo: Contributed
Grab a fancy cocktail at one of Brisbane's top rooftop bars, Eleven. Photo: Contributed

Why social media has us ordering wild cocktails

WE HAVE always eaten with our eyes, and thanks to the social media revolution it seems we're drinking with them too.

Anything we can snap, hashtag and share with cyberspace, we're ordering at the bar and trends indicate consumers are just as much after the old fashioned as they are the shiny and new, a Brisbane bar manager says.

The Point Hotel Food and Beverage Manager Nicole Blums, who manages the hotel's rooftop bar Eagle's Nest, said bright and bold drinks were the latest must-haves among patrons.  

"We're really seeing the popularity surge for unique flavours and creative-looking cocktails," she said.

"People are on Pinterest and Instagram looking at beautiful and bright cocktails so they have these images in their mind when they're ordering a drink so it's not only about a drink that satisfies, but one that you can take a photo of - the visual concept is a massive part of it."

The demand has seen the bar turn its focus to revamping its cocktail offering, launching a new menu this year with 22 varieties on offer including the Enchanted Unicorn which is a slice of heaven for any sweet tooth.

"It's watermelon candy infused vodka, garnished with magic!" Ms Blums said.

And by magic she is referring to lollipops, fairyfloss and a whole lot of other goodness.

"It's also bright green so when people see one come out they instantly say 'I don't know what that is, but I'll have one'," she said.

And while the desire for new and funky drinks is on the rise, the hipster revolution could be to thank for the resurgence of the old school.

"Sours are very trendy right now and people are appreciating the finer things in life, paying tribute to the hero that is scotch and choosing back bar old fashioned spirits," she said.

So dark and mysterious, or rainbows and butterflies, looks like both ends of the scale are 'in' this season.

If that's got you a little thirsty, don't forget to check out these great rooftop bars in Brisbane:

·         Eleven Rooftop Bar: Istanbul-inspired, this bar is home to one of the best views in the city. Its 29-page drinks menu (available online) will satisfy your every need.

·         Blackbird: Feel like you've stepped onto the set of the Great Gatsby at another of Brisbane's most popular rooftop bars. Rare and exclusive scotch, gin, tequila, bourbon and whiskey all populate the shelves behind the bar to give you that real Leo DiCaprio feeling.

·         Sixteen Antlers: Sitting high on top of the Pullman Brisbane in King George Square, you'll get an unobstructed view straight to the City Hall's clock tower from here. With a relaxed vibe, enjoy the extensive range of craft beers, cocktails and fine wines while you soak up the views.

Sixteen Antlers is a popular rooftop bar you need to check out. Photo: Contributed
Sixteen Antlers is a popular rooftop bar you need to check out. Photo: Contributed

·         Elixir Rooftop Bar: A subtropical oasis above the hustle and bustle of Fortitude Valley's nightlife precinct, Elixir is a classy and intimate place to enjoy the warm summer nights and bright lights of the city.

·         The Stock Exchange Rooftop: One of Brisbane's most iconic pubs, 'The Stocky' has had a whole lot of makeovers since it was built in 1863. Perhaps the most exciting for patrons was the rooftop bar added to the heritage building. With fairy-lights and hanging planter baskets, it's a beautiful place to enjoy a drink, surrounded by the city lights.

For more cool rooftop bars to visit, head HERE.

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