James Cochrane in action as an auctioneer.
James Cochrane in action as an auctioneer. Greg Miller

Why did Cr Cochrane quit so suddenly and leave immediately?

Letter to the Editor

What next for Gympie council?

WHY did James Cochrane quit so suddenly and make his resignation effective immediately?

His departure seems to have been made in haste and at an inconvenient time just prior to a crucial vote on Widgee Engineering's future as he was in support of their application during the original vote.

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Shock as James Cochrane quits Gympie council

His explanation regarding reasons for quitting is a little concerning as many other councillors are in the same position and one wonders if subtle pressures have been applied because he wasn't in full support of some of the funding decisions made by this council which did not sit well with him.

What does this mean for the residents of the Mary Valley and the Gympie region? Who will nominate to run for councillor in Division 8?

Recycling past candidates or council employees with grievances may not be in the best interest of good governance particularly if he is replaced with a servile councillor or someone with an axe to grind with the current administration.

This would only serve to fracture the council even further and the community will remain divided over the poor decisions being made using our money.

We need a candidate who has a sound business background, is committed to changing the culture in this council, able to communicate and engage with the community and will work to ensure council attends to its core responsibilities before spending infinite amounts of rate payers' money on poorly planned commercial ventures.

They hand the monuments to out-of-state companies to run and profit from, or establish beneficial enterprises that are huge money pits, money that will never provide a return on ratepayers' compulsory investment and also funds businesses that compete with local rate paying businesses with an anticompetitive advantage.

Marlene Owen,

Gympie Times

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