LETTER: Why are there different rules for politicians?

WHAT sort of government is the Liberal Party providing?

We have a Prime Minister who awards his daughter a $66,000 scholarship providing her with free education and he offsets the cost of his sport and recreation activities against the public purse.

We have a treasurer who constantly reminds us to tighten our belts and live within our means as our economy is falling into crisis. Now we have the Speaker of the House of Representatives (Bronwyn Bishop) spending $130,000 on official travel over a few months. Are there different rules for them?

Currently she is at it again spending $5200 on a charter flight to Geelong to attend a lunch at a Liberal Party fundraiser.


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I don't think any of these functions have anything to do with her role as speaker so how does she get away with it.

I was of the view that politicians were elected into office to represent our interests. Fundraising and attendance at fundraising events may be a requirement of the Liberal Party but it is not what she was elected to do.

In my view I think the costs associated with these events should be paid by the Liberal Party not from the public purse.

I think she showed bad judgement and is probably guilty of gross misuse or misappropriating public funds which carries a severe penalty.

Other politicians have committed the same offence and been kicked out of office so she should suffer the same fate.

She constantly displays arrogance and has delusions of grandeur about herself, she entertains constantly and lives an indulgent lifestyle with most of the costs paid from the public purse. How is she allowed to do it?

After all she is only a public servant employed by us as Speaker of the House of Representatives which is a role for which she is totally unsuited due to her arrogance, lack of impartially and extreme political bias. I say again she should be sacked.

Tony Abbott should step up and force her to resign but as usual the Liberal Party protects their own so she will probably be let off with a warning.

I think this is more evidence that we have a corrupt government that allows and condones corrupt and unsavoury practices.

Are there different laws and rules for politicians than for us?

Corrupt politicians and governments should be brought to task and thrown out of office as soon as possible.

Where are the checks and balances that prevent these things from happening?

When are we going to wake up and do something about it?




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