While interest in Gympie’s property market is strong, in some rural and coastal areas it has doubled in the past year.
While interest in Gympie’s property market is strong, in some rural and coastal areas it has doubled in the past year.

Which Gympie property markets are hot, and which are not

Gympie's property market has been a hot commodity in the past year thanks to a combination of low average prices, lifestyle options, and a growing influx of potential buyers seeking to escape city life in the wake of the pandemic.

But not every corner of the region's market is thriving.

New figures from realestate.com.au reveal that while interest in some of the region's rural and outlying areas has almost doubled in the past year, buyer activity in others has cooled off.



1. Tamaree

Realestate.com.au data, Tamaree.
Realestate.com.au data, Tamaree.

Tamaree has topped out the list thanks to a 132 per cent increase in the number of potential buyers looking at the area compared to this time last year.

Realestate.com says more than 2700 "highly engaged buyers" had an eye on the rural area, and almost four out of every five of those had already been a homeowner at some point in their lives.

Of the remainder potential buyers, two thirds were first-home buyers and the rest were investors.


2. Brooloo

Realestate.com.au data, Brooloo.
Realestate.com.au data, Brooloo.

This rural stretch of the Mary Valley has become the second-hottest spot for buyer interest in the region on the back of an 118 per cent surge in interest.

Like Tamaree, four fifths of the interested buyers were already in the property market; the vast majority of the remainder were first home buyers, while investors accounted for only a small 2 per cent sliver of the interest.


3. Cooloola Cove

Realestate.com.au data, Cooloola Cove.
Realestate.com.au data, Cooloola Cove.

Rural areas may have topped the market but the region's coast was not far behind - interest in properties at Cooloola Cove is up by 91 per cent.

Unlike Tamaree and Brooloo, a quarter of the 3929 engaged buyers at Cooloola Cove were investors, while only 9 per cent were looking at buying their first home there.


4. Rainbow Beach

Realestate.com.au data, Rainbow Beach.
Realestate.com.au data, Rainbow Beach.

A huge level of investor interest drove Rainbow Beach into fourth spot on the region's hot list, where buying interest was up by 89 per cent on the year.

Investors accounted for more than two-fifths of buyer interest, while first-home buyer interest in the tourist hot spot was almost non-existent at 1 per cent.


5. Goomeri

Realestate.com.au data, Goomeri.
Realestate.com.au data, Goomeri.

The popularity of this town at the region's western limits may surprise some given its low median prices (sitting at $187,000 as of March 2021), but it was launched into the fifth spot thanks to an 84 per cent increase in interest.

More than three-quarters of this interest came from people already in the market, while the remaining quarter was split almost down the middle between first-home buyers and investors.



1. East Deep Creek

Realestate.com.au data, East Deep Creek.
Realestate.com.au data, East Deep Creek.

Interest in rural areas north of Gympie and in the Mary Valley were not felt in East Deep Creek where the level of buyer interest dropped by almost 30 per cent.

Almost all of the market interest registered for the suburb (89 per cent) came from established homeowners.

The rest was from investors, while first-time homeowners did not even give it a look.


2. Monkland

Realestate.com.au data, Monkland.
Realestate.com.au data, Monkland.

Buyers' interest in Monkland by 5 per cent across the year, but there was still solid interest from first-home buyers who made up almost one quarter of the 1964 house hunters.

Another quarter of the interest came from investors, which left Monkland with one of the lowest levels of interest among established homeowners.


3. Kilkivan

Realestate.com.au data, Kilkivan.
Realestate.com.au data, Kilkivan.

There may only be 21 minutes between Goomeri and Kilkivan, but this was apparently enough to stop the western Gympie region town from sharing in the former's market glory.

Buyer interest in Kilkivan was reportedly down more than 2 per cent for the year.

One third f the 514 prospective buyers were either looking to land their first home or buy a property as an investment.

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