$20,000 if you can give someone a job in regional Qld

YOUNG people through regional Queensland are battling to find work, as the state government prepares to throw $20,000 per job at employers in an effort to tackle the latest unemployment numbers.

A week from now, businesses who put on an formerly-unemployed worker aged 15 to 24 could be entitled to a $20,000 payment under the state's "Back to Work Youth Boost" plan.

It is double the current $10,000 payment.

The plan targets employment trouble areas across the state, zeroing in on Far North Queensland, North Queensland, Mackay/Whitsunday, Central Queensland, Wide Bay Burnett, North West and the South West. 

It comes as figures show unemployment is increasing through parts of the state, and where it is improving, too many still remain out of work.

In outback Queensland, youth unemployment has topped 33% -- so one in every three people under 24 are out of work.

The figures for young workers have also worsened in Moreton Bay North (now 16.3%), Sunshine Coast (now 10.6%), Toowoomba (now 11%) and Wide Bay (now 23.8%).

The boosted payments will run until February 28 next year.

The $20,000 payments can only be earned once per business, with the first 40% of the payment handed over after a month of employment and the remainder paid once the worker stays employed for a full year.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt said the latest unemployment figures showed the situation was improving in parts of regional Queensland, but regional youth jobless numbers was still too high.

"Our resolve is clear - we want to drive down regional youth unemployment which is why this specific bonus for regional businesses has been created," Mr Pitt said.

Mr Pitt said there had been a drop of 0.2 % in the youth jobless rate statewide over the past 12 months to reach 13.4%. 


Read more about how the Back to Work Boost works

Where unemployment has improved in past 12 months:

  • Logan-Beaudesert (down 2.7% to 5.9%)
  • Moreton Bay North (down 0.3% to 6.8%)
  • Moreton Bay South (down 0.1% to 4.2%)
  • Darling Downs-Maranoa (down 0.6% to 3.2%)
  • Fitzroy (down 1.8% to 5.9%)
  • Mackay (down 1.7% to 6.1%)
  • Sunshine Coast (down 1.7% to 4.7%)
  • Toowoomba (down 0.4% to 4.7%)
  • Wide Bay (down 1.2% to 9.4%).

Where it has gotten worse:

  • Ipswich (up 1.5% to 8.3%)
  • Townsville (up 2.2% to 10.6%)
  • Queensland Outback (up 6.6% to 12.4%)

Where youth jobless have improved in past 12 months

  • Ipswich (down 1.4% to 13.5%);
  • Logan-Beaudesert (down 4.3% to 13.4%);
  • Darling Downs-Maranoa (down 0.5% to 7.6%);
  • Fitzroy (down 4.5% to 9.9%);
  • Gold Coast (down 0.4 % to 12.9%);
  • Mackay (down 5.6% to 9.4%);
  • Moreton Bay South (down 0.3% to 10.6%);
  • Townsville (down 2.3% to 17.1%).

Where it has gotten worse

  • Moreton Bay North (up 3.0% to 16.3%);
  • Cairns (up 6.3% to 27.4%)
  • Queensland Outback (up 11.1% to 33.7%)
  • Sunshine Coast (up 0.1% to 10.6%)
  • Toowoomba (up 1.0% to 11.0%)
  • Wide Bay (up 2.7% to 23.8%)

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