Woman urinated on station floor

KANDANGA woman Christine Joy Gorell, 49 said she felt like the victim when she appeared in Gympie Magistrates Court on charges of commit a public nuisance and obstruct police.

Gorell, 49, had been shouting accusations at a neighbour from the footpath outside her home on April 27. Police said members of the public called about her behaviour at around 2pm because she lived opposite the primary school and her language was offensive. Officers warned her to keep a lid on it but at 5.30pm she was heard doing it again.

Gorell was arrested for committing a public nuisance and taken to the Gympie Police Station where she continued to swear at police while banging on the cell doors. Arresting officers said she appeared heavily intoxicated and reported that she pulled down her pants and urinated on the exercise floor even though there was a toilet available nearby.

Still arguing with police officers, Gorell refused to go back into her cell and pushed against the door, grabbing at an officer, and she was charged with obstructing a police officer.

In Gympie Magistrates Court, Gorell, of Main Street, Kandanga, alleged she had been victimised by her neighbour to the extent that she was forced to live elsewhere. She was placed on probation for six months.

Also in Gympie Magistrates Court, Ngtihe Lewis Pearce, 20, appeared in the court dock for sentencing after serving 24 days in custody for an altercation with his former neighbour over two bonsai plants on February 23.

The court heard Pearce grabbed his neighbour and the force of it left bruises on her shoulder and gave her a sore back, and he was arrested and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.

Because of his criminal history, Pearce was convicted and sentenced to five months in prison with time served taken into account and a parole date of June 30.

In another matter heard in Gympie Magistrates Court, Jayden Rhys Fallon-Carey, 18, was placed on a good behaviour bond for carrying a knife in a public place.

Rhys-Carey, of Iron Street, Gympie, had been down at Commissioner’s Gully using a knife with a 20cm blade to cut down trees on March 14.

He told the court he and a friend had been fashioning spears out of branches because he was “bored”.

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