Katie Connolly waits anxiously for her OP results.
Katie Connolly waits anxiously for her OP results. Renee Pilcher

What's the score?

"TWELVE years of schooling comes down to one number," Gympie's Katie Connolly said of finding out her OP score today.

After spending an "anxious night" with her friends, at 9am today she will log on and find out the number she hopes "will be below five".

"My guess-timate is two to four," the former St Patrick's student said.

Armed with that special number, Katie will then be in touch with her friends to find out what score they got.

"The QSA (Queensland Studies Authority) gave us all an account and so long as we activate the account we can get the results online."

Results will also be arriving by mail early next week - an option some of Katie's friends are choosing.

Katie is heading to university next year, hoping to secure a place with the University of Queensland where she will study exercise and nutritional science.

"The health faculty at the university is fairly new and it seemed pretty interesting.

"It will be a three year degree and then I'd like to do another year and a half in a specialist area ... but I've no idea what that area will be yet."

The ultimate goal for Katie is to end up with a career that somehow involves swimming.

She's not sure but she thinks she will join a swimming squad when she gets to Brisbane next year.

Taking a year off was not an option for Katie. "I always said if I took a gap year I would not want to go back to studying."

QTAC spokesperson Pat Smith said as with most previous years, the most popular overall first choice courses this year have been in health followed by society and culture.

Combined they account for 45% of applicants' first preference choices.

Society and culture includes law and humanities programs while health includes nursing and specialist health professions such as physiotherapy, optometry, speech pathology and occupational therapy.

Year 12 students without an OP can find out their QTAC selection rank from December 28 via QTAC's current applicant service or by phoning QTAC on 1300 467 822.

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