Wide Bay's federal candidates outline their policies to help the average voter who falls outside this year's target demographics.
Wide Bay's federal candidates outline their policies to help the average voter who falls outside this year's target demographics. Chris Ison ROK270613cengineer9

What do the Wide Bay candidates offer the average voter?

ELECTION promises often target demographics, but what about the bread-and-butter voting base?

Wide Bay's candidates outline what their party offers the average person, and thoughts on population policy.

Daniel Bryar, Greens


Daniel Bryar, Greens candidate for Wide Bay.
Daniel Bryar, Greens candidate for Wide Bay. Contributed

THE Greens will always protect workers' rights and entitlements, and support organised labour movements that do the same.

For the 60 per cent of income earners that make too much for subsidies and handouts but not enough to structure their tax affairs to reduce their tax exposure, they wind up paying for 99 per cent of everything in this country.


Why on earth they vote to support the party representing the 1 per cent that own everything and pay no tax is a complete mind explosion.

(On immigration) we must have a compassionate and humane approach to immigration which meets our international obligations.

We support refugees from all countries and the positive contribution they bring to our country.

Jason Scanes, Labor


Jason Scanes (Labor) Wide Bay
Jason Scanes (Labor) Wide Bay

LABOR'S policies overall have put people - 95 per cent of Australians - at the heart of their policies.

You'd be hard pressed to find any policy that won't positively impact on the majority of Australians.

That's what makes Labor so great.

We're investing significant amounts of money into health, education, and looking at restoring penalty rates.

That money goes back through the economy and more money in people's pockets means more money they'll spend in people's businesses and stores.

They'll also be reviewing Newstart which I think is grossly underfunded at the moment.

Andrew Schebella, United Australia Party


Andrew Schebella, UAP candidate for Wide Bay.
Andrew Schebella, UAP candidate for Wide Bay. Contributed

ALP franking credits policy will hurt low income earners and retirees but protect those with super funds in the millions.

The United Australia Party supports people who have worked all their lives to plan and prepare for their twilight years.

Low income earners still working and retirees who depend on franking credits as a source of income will also be impacted greatly.

We need to protect everyday Aussie and this income source.

(On immigration) the United Australia is aware that many Australians are concerned with the immigration levels Australia is currently faced with and at this stage we have not developed a clear policy on this matter, however envisage that once elected matters such as this will be addressed in policy form.

Llew O'Brien, Nationals


Wide Bay MP Llew O'Brien.
Wide Bay MP Llew O'Brien. Contributed

I'M working hard to support "middle Australia", and all Australians, building a stronger economy with more jobs so there are opportunities to get ahead. Our Liberal and Nationals Government is cutting taxes for low- and middle-income earners. In 2018-19, 4.5 million Australians will receive tax relief of $1080 per year.

We are backing small businesses with tax cuts, instant asset write-offs and reducing red tape, encouraging hard work, boosting exports, fixing the budget and building infrastructure.

We have a comprehensive plan for more affordable, reliable electricity and accessible childcare to help reduce the cost of living.

(On immigration) I support the Liberal and Nationals Government's cap on immigration.

We need to ensure that our towns and communities have the jobs, services and infrastructure to look after and accommodate our own needs.

Tim Jerome, Independent


Tim Jerome
Tim Jerome

AS AN Independent, my main aim is to be a voice for the middle to low income earners.

I want to be a voice for the forgotten Australian, the pensioner and small business owners.

(On immigration) we need a temporary ban on immigration until we fix the obvious problem we are experiencing.

The obvious problems are not enough jobs for Australians; the fact that the latest immigrants are not integrating into Australian culture and society.

Once we fix these problems then immigration should be capped depending on unemployment figures.

True refugees should be helped.

The problem is that this government and the previous government have had no idea of how to integrate true refugees into Australian culture, which has caused major problems.

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