Robin Williams has died aged 63
Robin Williams has died aged 63 AAP

Westboro Baptist Church to picket Williams' funeral

THE Westboro Baptist Church could picket Robin Williams' funeral after saying the actor is "going to hell" and was "hated by God".

The homophobic hate group created placards with slogans and photos of the late actor as news of his death spread on Tuesday, using the hashtags #NoObedienceNoPeace and #MustPicketFuneral.

"God hates divorce", one read, and another said "Robin in hell" with a picture of his head in flames.

The 63-year-old comedian was found dead on Monday after hanging himself at his home in Tiburon, California.

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In a stream of hate-filled tweets, the WestboroBaptist Church said Williams "mocked God" with his comedy and "according to all evidence" he was hated by God and in hell.

One tweet said: "He was a hot mess! Given great talent then #cursed 'coz he didn't give glory to God!"

Westboro members also took signs about Williams to the offices of nine technology firms including YouTube and Google for planned "God hates the media" rallies.

Ironically, the group used Twitter to share pictures of their pickets, telling people to let them know them where a memorial service for Williams was being held.

A date for the actor's funeral has not been announced and the schedule on the Westboro Baptist Church website,, was not available because of "technical difficulties" on Wednesday morning.

Known for its "God hates fags" slogan and homophobic, anti-Semitic and xenophobic views, the Kansas-based group has infamously picketed funerals of soldiers and celebrities including Michael Jackson.

They are frequently outnumbered by counter-protesters at demonstrations and several members of the founding Phelps family have been banned from entering the UK.

Members seemed to take issue with Williams' comedy as "mocking God" and called him a "fag enabler".

One tweet said he "decided to use his considerable talent to push filthy life styles [sic], flagrant debauchery, and hedonism".

The actor never shied away from challenging roles in his varied career, cross-dressing in Mrs Doubtfire, playing a Jewish gay man in the 1996 film The Birdcage and a character struggling to come to terms with his sexuality in the unreleased film Boulevard, shot last year.

Barack Obama, Prince Charles, Steven Spielberg and countless actors who worked with Williams in his decades-long career were among those who shared their memories of the comedian in an unprecedented outpouring of tributes.

Officials said all evidence indicates the actor killed himself but a final ruling will be announced after toxicology reports and interviews with witnesses are complete.

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