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Wes Carr worked with some of the greats before being 'found'

IF YOU think you know Wes Carr, than you are dead wrong.

The former Australian Idol winner has headed back to his roots and is starting at ground zero with his new work called Buffalo Tales.

Wes spoke with The Chronicle ahead of his new tour which brought him to the Garden City.

"I love Toowoomba and I love the (Empire) Theatre there," he said having performed there last year when touring with The McClymonts.

"But this time I'm down at the Spotted Cow. It is a beautiful place."

While most people know his name, not much is known of the singer before he was "found".

Which is astonishing as he was in a band called Tambalane with Ben Gillies from Silverchair, he performed all over Sydney since he was 14 - even meeting Michael Hutchinson.

He went over to the US and worked with Christopher Guest from Spinal Tap and wrote a song Say My Name for his movie For your Consideration.

He even worked with legend Joe Cocker over in the states.

"It was pretty good," Carr said.

"I was working my way around the place. But then I had a brain fart and ended up going into Idol."

He ended up winning the competition in 2008, but has some positives to take away from the experience.

"I think it helped me grow kind of personally more than anything," he said.

"It really made me aware of who I was and that's what I'm not (Idol).

"So it was like a complete 360, I went in there did everything I want to do in the show.

"The frustrating thing for everyone was that the show created this sort of persona, then to sell a certain amount of units they have to then present you in that fashion realising you're completely not that and then at the end of it all you have a breakdown because you're the one trying to work out who you are all of a sudden.

"Sony and other people would be like 'we don't know how to sell him because doesn't want to do a cover album full of trucking songs because he has a beard' and no I'm not doing that.

"It was a weird kind of tug of war but friendly thing. We got along as friends and I have a lot of respect for the Sony thing as it works for a lot of people, but it just didn't work for me."

Carr said following his split from Sony he decided he would rather write his own songs and build something from ground zero.

"It was what I was always about before hand, so that's what I realised I am good at," he said.

"I don't have to pretty it all up make this big thing around me to communicate, all I have to do is just be who I am.

"Therefore it is all a positive, if I hadn't done it, I don't know what I would be doing.

"I would still be playing music, but I don't know if I would be at the level I am at now. And I am really happy with my new songs, I have more to write about than ever."

Carr said Buffalo Tales was designed to have people come and hear him play music and not have to come see the 'Wes Carr guy from that show'.

"It is a whole different thing for me," he said.

"I hope the people who wouldn't necessarily go to see Wes Carr come and see Buffalo Tales which is a completely different thing."

Carr is married to Home & Away actress Charlotte Gregg and they have a baby son which has changed his life.

"It is funny you realise who you are more so than anything when you have a baby," he said.

"You discover yourself, rediscover your childhood and have all these different memories of it.

"I've had this feeling, I want to now create something he's going to grow up listening to and go 'oh that's dad'.

"If it's something completely out of alignment of who you are you don't want your kid to listen to that, so it is more important to me than ever.

"Every day is different. I never really thought I would have a kid or get married. It surprised me more than anything."



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