Weddings: Heading back to where it all started

WHERE IT ALL STARTED: Jocie and Josh Brogden on their wedding day at Boreen Point.
WHERE IT ALL STARTED: Jocie and Josh Brogden on their wedding day at Boreen Point. Contributed

MORE than just somewhere pretty - the choice of location for Jocie and Josh Brogden's special day meant something much more to the happy couple.

After all, it was where they first met as teenagers more than a decade ago.

"We were childhood sweethearts,” Jocie explained.

"We went to different schools but we had a mutual friend who wanted us to meet - it just happened to be at the Noosa Rodeo.”

So what better way to commemorate that fateful first meeting than a mechanical bull at the reception?

It was cause for some raised eyebrows, the bride admits, but at least it made for some good photos.

"People were kind of questioning it when they first saw it, but we had a lot of fun,” she said.

"I ended up throwing my bouquet off it - it was great to do something that felt a bit different.”

The beautiful Apollonian Hotel at Boreen Point provided a country chic backdrop to the day.

The theme continued with Jocie's bouquet, a beautiful blend of native flowers.

"It was absolutely gorgeous, the florist did a wonderful job,” she said.

"We also used them to decorate our cake as well.”

Wearing an embroidered strapless gown with whalebone corset and train, Jocie's satin gown continued the country theme while remaining elegantly understated.

A wedding day is stressful for any bride, but Jocie admits the weather on the day was of particular concern.

"I remember keeping an eye on it throughout the day, because we had a garden wedding,” she said.

"As we moved inside it just began to pour - so I think we ended up timing it perfectly.”

It turns out the rain was a blessing in disguise, with the cloud cover providing perfect light for the photographer.

"We took our photos out near the water so there was concern about the glare, turns out she didn't need to worry,” Jocie laughed.

The end result? A relaxed, close-knit and deeply personal wedding.

"We had about 60 people there, which was really the perfect number for us,” she said.

"Nobody gets left out that way, you can walk around and talk to people and make them feel like they're a part of this.”

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