'We wanted the day to feel like a big party'

OPEN AIR: Olivia and Ben Dwyer celebrate their marriage and the outdoors.
OPEN AIR: Olivia and Ben Dwyer celebrate their marriage and the outdoors.

NOT too fussed on stuffy traditionalism or a ceremony that dragged well into the day, newly-wedded couple Olivia and Ben Dwyer instead opted for something a little more lively.

With a love for the outdoors, the couple chose the Bunya Mountains for their big day, a place that had a special connection for the two.

"We'd gone there a lot before the wedding, I think we're both fans of the outdoors rather than the city,” Olivia said.

"The place we picked was just gorgeous, it had everything we needed.”

The Poppies on the Hill cafe in the mountains played host to the day, with a ceremony tucked away in a secluded part of the grounds.

"It was a beautifully crisp June day, the whole area was filled with these gorgeous pine trees,” Olivia said.

"I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate.”

With a crowd of 75 people in attendance, there was conscious effort by the couple to meet and talk with all the guests.

That included a deliberate decision not to have a separate table for the wedding party.

"We really wanted the day to just feel like a big party,” Olivia said.

There was, however, one crucial deference to tradition - Olivia's gown.

"My mum made it for me, just like my grandmother did the same for her,” she said.

Eschewing the classic white gown also came naturally.

"I wanted something unique, something that nobody else would have - it was such a beautiful gift,” she said.

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