'Watch your party PM, not Pauline Hanson': letter

HANDS off Pauline Hanson and One Nation, Mr Turnbull!

She is a legitimately elected senator, as is her One Nation Party, growing in popularity, unlike yourself and the conservatives.

The falling away of popularity of the traditional parties comes after they have lost touch with the majority. They have only themselves to blame.

We see, in the US, a huge following for Donald Trump by disaffected voters who find the status quo irrelevant in their lives. Whether or not Trump is the solution, it is a two-party race at the end.

Unlike in Australia, where we have voted in various brands and types of politicians in regional areas as representatives, according to our individual ideologies and satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the two major parties.

Ours is a true democracy, where senators are elected on the basis of their local popularity or agendas.

The rise of Pauline Hanson, like a phoenix from the ashes, has alarmed the major parties which have lost touch with the madding crowd.

The witch-hunt by those spooked by her comeback, is unethical, reminiscent of her previous appearance in parliament.

She was hounded and even imprisoned by arrogant bureaucrats and politicians determined to shut her up.

This reflected badly on the whole voting process, where a woman with no experience of how brutal politics can be was targeted.

But she has now learnt valuable lessons which have come to haunt those who thought her demise was permanent.

With Derryn Hinch and Pauline Hanson, speaking their minds and echoing what their disaffected constituents have articulated, our democracy is in good hands.

It allows for freedom of speech. Mr Turnbull would do better to address the dissension within his own party.



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