WATCH: Schoolies take a dip at Rainbow Beach

BUNDY TO THE BEACH: Kyownna Baars, Tate Waters, Jewel McCotter, Sam Pearson, Alex Mclaren. FRONT: Chloe Crombie and Bailey James
BUNDY TO THE BEACH: Kyownna Baars, Tate Waters, Jewel McCotter, Sam Pearson, Alex Mclaren. FRONT: Chloe Crombie and Bailey James Jacob Carson

WITH it's pristine beaches, clear water and relaxed atmosphere, the schoolies celebrations at Rainbow Beach are a world away from the hustle and bustle of Surfer's Paradise.

Taking advantage of the peace and quiet, Queensland teenagers are celebrating the end of their schooling days their own way.

"I'm definitely having a better time here than back at the coast,” says Warwick graduate Jacob Wilton-Johnson, who had only passed through the Gold Coast with his friends.

"We had a good time, but I definitely think it was overly hyped - we don't have to share the beach with 30,000 other people.”

It's no surprise high school graduates are looking to other places to celebrate, with a trip to the glitter strip often mired in controversies over alcohol, drug use and most importantly to Mr Wilton-Johnson and his friends - the high costs.

"Look at it this way, we could drop a few hundred dollars to be put up in a hotel room,” he says.

"or we could come here and have the same experience for way cheaper.”

The lower number of schoolies visitors has also seen a reduction in wayward behaviour from revellers.

Local police confirmed they haven't had to deal with any serious incidents since the beginning of schoolies week.

And despite the stronger surf conditions seen on Rainbow Beach as well, lifeguards have been pleased with the level of responsibility young swimmers are showing.

For the small groups who had made the trip, many believed smaller venues like Rainbow would be seen as an attractive alternative for school leavers in the near future.

"The vibe here is so chilled out, it's such a better atmosphere,” says Bundaberg graduate Jewel McCotter.

"Another good thing is nobody knows how good a place this is yet, it's kind of a secret,” adds fellow Bundaberg schoolie Tate Waters.

Bailey James, who had organised the trip for his Bundaberg mates said it wouldn't remain secret for much longer.

"It's a lot of fun when it's quiet here I agree, but it's still a great place when there's a big crowd on,” he says.

"My prediction is that in the next few years, this is going to be one of the next big Schoolies spots.”

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