Watch: Plane lands with one wheel missing

A VIDEO has captured the terrifying moment a plane landed with one of its wheels missing at Hamilton Airport.

The footage shows the plane, carrying two occupants, as it attempts to land and then nose-dives onto a grassed area next to the runway.

Waikato district command centre senior sergeant Robbie Hermann said emergency services were called shortly before midday where a light aircraft had trouble landing due to losing a wheel.

Police blocked off roads around the airport and the plane landed without incident, Mr Hermann said.

He confirmed the two occupants weren't injured.

Hamilton Airport chief executive Mark Morgan said the airport was alerted about the aircraft just after midday today.

"It triggered a full emergency response."

This meant police, fire, ambulance and the airport's fire rescue employees attended the scene.

Mr Morgan said the light aircraft flew over the airport so the damage could be inspected by the control tower and emergency services.

The control tower then made the decision for the aircraft to land in one of the grass runways.

The decision was made because of the wind conditions at the time, Mr Morgan said.

He said there were very light winds at the time of landing.

While the aircraft landed safely, the wing on the left-hand side hit the ground due to the missing wheel.

"It made the aircraft lift up but it settled back into an upright position," he said.

He said the pilot was "very experienced".

A witness at the airport said the pilot had done a "beautiful job" landing the aircraft.

"He did it perfectly. He went to burn off some fuel and he came back and kept his wheel up for as long as he could," he said.

- NZ Herald

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