Senator Nick Xenophon
Senator Nick Xenophon

WATCH: Powerbroker Nick Xenophon quits Senate

SOUTH Australian Senator Nick Xenophon will quit Federal Parliament and will run in the South Australian state election next year.

The Nick Xenophon Team senator has sat in Federal Parliament since 2007 but says he has decided to run for State Parliament because "South Australia is at a crossroad".

He will run for the seat of Hartley in Adelaide's east. It has been held by Liberal MP Vincent Tarzia since 2014.

"Our state has been falling behind for so long because we have been failed by our state's political leaders, their parties and institutions," Mr Xenophon told media on Friday.

"It seems that Labor and the Liberals are more interested in fighting about who gets their snouts deeper in the trough, rather than fighting for real people."

"I'm sick of seeing this contest of low expectations."

Nick Xenophon began his political career in State Parliament in 1997 before standing to become an Independent federal senator a decade later.

"Our state politics is broken, politically bankrupt."

The political heavyweight began embroiled in the dual-citizen scandal that has plagued Federal politicans and was confirmed as a British citizen in August.

His future at the federal level hung on a High Court ruling after he discovered he is a dual Australian-British citizen by descent, as a result of his father emigrating to Australia from a British territory.

At the time he said he would not resign from parliament, and would continue to vote in the Senate, calling his case "a rare peculiarity".

Xenophon launched the local SA Best political party in March with a promise to provide a genuine third alternative at the 2018 state election.

"For the first time ever, in South Australia, there will be a genuine three-way contest," Senator Xenophon said in March.

"There will be a genuine, credible alternative to the major parties. Forming SA Best is putting the out-of-touch political elites on notice that their age of entitlement is well and truly over.

"We want to bring out the best in people, the best in our institutions and do the best for our state."

The party will use the slogan "Real change you can trust".

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