Letter writer Kathy Walker cant' understand why Gympie Regional Council won't heed the concerns of its ratepayers.
Letter writer Kathy Walker cant' understand why Gympie Regional Council won't heed the concerns of its ratepayers. Greg Miller

LETTER TO EDITOR: Warning to council - Gympie is not happy

WHY don't our elected councillors want to know about "our" council's financial decisions?

We elected you all to look after our town and the piggy bank.

If Gympie Regional Council was run the way a real business is run, the owners of the business - meaning the ratepayers, and the councillors elected to represent them - would know what is going on, down to the last tea bag.

That does seem extreme but can anyone show us a business where an employee has full control of the finances and won't show his boss full details of what he has spent?

Never, except maybe Gympie Regional Council.

Bad business, guys.

Bad business.

Yes, please heed the experience of the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council in 2008.

Wow. All councillors dismissed for looking the other way. Who did it say was general manager? Hmmmm.

What are you scared of?

Who are you scared of?

An ex-business owner, hands on, for over 40 years, I know it is a recipe for disaster when the owner is not aware of what is going on.

The CEO is not the owner of our council.

Councillors must think as business people would think. Act as business people act.

A business owner does not give an open cheque book to the staff and never look at the bank statements.

You don't want to follow in the path of the councillors of Port Macquarie-Hastings Council do you?

For heavens sake, stand up and the whole lot of you elected councillors, be the boss.

The Page 3 article in last week's Gympie Times made me feel quite sick in the stomach.

Voting to "not want to know what your staff is doing with the business's money"?

I am astounded.

Gympie needs help here and two gutsy councillors should not be fighting alone for what is right.

What is that very accurate comment used when someone is acting too soft?

Sorry I can't write it but we all know what I am saying.

Yes, we ratepayers don't know what goes on behind the scenes, but to hear that our councillors don't want to know is simply not funny.

It's deadly serious.

As seen in the movies, talk to any taxi driver or hairdresser in the town, someone who has the ear of the everyday person and you hear that the Gympie people are not happy.

I wasn't aware of such strong opinion against how our council is being run, until I started asking different people.

I am not a political animal. This is my first letter to any media to do with politics. Actually I hate discussing politics, but this is too close to home.

There has to be a reason, really.

Ian Peterson has been in council a very long time and has experience behind him. Real local knowledge and experience and he has the backing of a multitude of people, who don't like secrecy in this council and staff.

There is no vendetta against Bernard Smith. A councillor has asked questions and he should be answered and all councillors should be asking questions.

That's why I'm asking questions for all those people who want to know: why the secrecy?

Yes, Minister? - it was a funny English comedy.

Not funny when it is being played out in our council.

Please listen to the experienced councillors.

That is the word: "experienced".

You can't beat "experience". It is life's education, not a tertiary education. Forty years' life experience, in work and/or business, measured up against four years of tertiary plus 10 years' experience.

I know which one I would choose.

Experience wins hands down.

Decisions made by those who have been there before.

Councillors, it's time to stand up and vote with your conscience, when any decision is being made.

Yes, this is about all of us in our area. Listen to the people.

Gympie is watching. Gympie is not happy.

We want to know what the hell is going on!

Kathy Walker,



OWN birthday

IN APRIL next year it will be 20 years since June Idle invited ladies to a meeting to form the Older Women's Network in Gympie.

There are over 60 members in the club now and on April 21, 2016 we will be celebrating our 20th birthday at the Gunabul Restaurant.

Tickets for the morning tea and lunch can be purchased at the Apron Shop in Mary St later in the year.

Cost is $27.50 and all past and present members are invited to attend, so please mark this date on your calendar.

For more information contact Lee on 5483 1415.

Kaye Gaynes,

Kirsten Dr,


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