Warning as ‘deviant’ pedophile released

A "DEVIANT" sex offender who drank 16 litres of wine before luring an eight-year-old girl into his cabin to molest her has been released from prison under a five-year supervision order.

And one psychologist has warned he could reoffend.

Peter Anthony Barlow has been in prison since 2014 after he was convicted of taking a child for immoral purposes at a north Queensland caravan park where he was living at the time.

He was sentenced to four years' prison and has been eligible for parole for a year.

In June 2014, a drunken Barlow approached an eight-year-old girl after spotting her searching the park for her lost kitten.

He offered to help, luring her inside his cabin.

Once inside, he closed the door and put the girl on his bed, kissing her hand.

He was interrupted by a groundskeeper who spotted Barlow with the girl through the door. The groundskeeper called police.

Barlow, who has an intellectual disability, later admitted he'd thought "I have a chance" and "she's good looking" after noticing the girl.

"It is perhaps fortunate, particularly for the (girl), but also for what I fear you could have done, that the grounds keeper happened to intervene," the sentencing judge said at the time.

"He could see that she was crying and he could see that you had your hands in front of her chest, but not touching her. He entered to remove the child and told you to stay where you were, and the police were subsequently contacted."

Barlow's criminal history, according to court documents, dates back to 1973.

In 1976, he was convicted of aggravated assault of a sexual nature. The victim was a female schoolteacher who had to fight Barlow off when he tried to pull down her pants.

He also has convictions for aggravated assault on another woman, wilful exposure and behaving in an indecent manner.

Another conviction in 1979, for assault occasioning bodily harm, involved Barlow attacking a woman because of "sexual frustration to have sexual intercourse with her".

The Attorney-General applied to have Barlow detained indefinitely or subjected to a supervision order under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act.

He was assessed by three psychiatrists, two who agreed Barlow should be supervised in the community for five years and a third who believed the period should be 10 years.

Justice Helen Bowskill released Barlow on a five-year supervision order with strict conditions, including that he must not drink alcohol and gain written permission from a corrective services officer if he intends to stay anywhere other than his accommodation in Townsville.

Barlow has also secured funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme so that he is able to access support to help him live in the community.

One psychologist who assessed Barlow said he has an IQ of 45 and would struggle to look after himself.

"The problem with Mr Barlow is that he now appears to have an established diagnosis of intellectual disability and is an individual who is unlikely to be able to manage on his own within the community," another said.

"If he were released unsupervised into the community, he is likely to rapidly return to an itinerant lifestyle and revert to the abuse of intoxicants.

"Use of intoxicants will increase his risk of sexual reoffending."

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