Wagners in talks to build airports around world

THE Wagners Group has confirmed it is in talks with a number of companies to construct three new airports in Australia and overseas.

Two airports are understood to be earmarked for Australia while the third is pegged for overseas.

It comes after the success of the Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport and the rapid construction timeline that resulted in a world-class facility.

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Wagners chairman John Wagner said the confidential negotiations were progressing, with the company expected to know more next month.

"At this stage we're not at liberty to release any details," Mr Wagner said.

"But we are in negotiations with a number of new airports around the world."

Mr Wagner said it was a credit to the Wellcamp Airport's development and the wider Toowoomba region that international companies were seeking a local family business for the major projects.

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He said it was a boon for the Wagners brand.

"I think what we've got now is a reputation of actually delivering and executing major projects," he said.

"It's a great thing for our company and above all, it has really put Toowoomba on the world map."

He said the airport developments were not the only international projects about which Wagners had been approached since the development and success of the Wellcamp Airport.

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"We have had a number of people from international areas contact us to see how we can help them with their projects," Mr Wagner said.

He said discussions were continuing with more to be known in the next four weeks.

The Wellcamp Airport is the first airport to be built in Australia in 50 years.

It was developed and is operated by the Wagners and is the nation's first privately funded public airport.

Regular public flights started in November last year after the airport was built in 18 months.

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